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Nanny Network connects parents with childcare in London. I started the business in 2011 with no funding and no prior business experience. It was through running Nanny Network I discovered my love for content marketing. Its really difficult to demonstrate all the experience you can gain from running a business but the important copy and content responsibilities I had are listed here:

  • Build and maintenance of a complete SAAS platform - I created the website myself using different CMS platforms including Wordpress
  • Brand Naming, Conception and Identity
  • All web copy
  • Sourced images, took website portrait photos and created all own graphics
  • Produced 100s of successful blog posts using SEO keyword research
  • Managed a social media following of 10k+
  • Engaged an online community group of more than 5k users
  • Monthly newsletter features to parents with great engagement rates
  • Regular insight interviews with parents
  • Industry research over a 10 year period - excellent expert knowledge of the childcare industry during a pivotal time.

Some examples of the content on page I created - including for the web pages, emails, social media and the studio portraits I created

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