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A series of stories I was commissioned to write showcasing the winners of a European initiative to invest in circular businesses. (Finally putting my Geography degree to some good use)!

  1. Colorifix - A company trying to reduce the amount of water used in the process of dying clothes.
  2. Circular.Fashion - A scannable label for garments providing data and information on the origins of the garment.
  3. Orbisk - Data driven kitchens to monitor potential waste.
  4. N2 Applied - A solution to harvest nitrogen to create an efficient fertiliser.
  5. SafetyNet Technologies - Protecting marine life with the simple use of light.
  6. Mycorena - Vegan protein produced locally in Sweden using less water and less C02 emissions.
  7. Solublue - creating plastic style single use package but sustainably made from seaweed.
  8. Enjay - Revolutionising energy recovery systems in commercial kitchens.
  9. AIREX - Fighting fuel poverty with revolutionary construction materials.
  10. Seedforward - More potent and resilient crops without the use of chemicals.
  11. Soluboard - The world's first fully recyclable printed circuit boards.
  12. Naturbeads - Eco-friendly cosmetic micro-beads.

(Full edits on circular stories not made by me - I wrote the content but was not responsible for final edits).

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